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How to setup mod repository

In order to connect to our public server and as a matter of fact to all our servers, you will need to download our modifications with ArmA 3 Sync. Our member Apollo has created a video tutorial on how to download, install and use ArmA 3 Sync.

If you are already familiar with the usage of ArmA 3 Sync, you can just use the link to our autoconfig as usual:

Text Guide

  1. Downalod and install TeamSpeak 3
  2. Download Arma3Sync
  3. Connect to the 3CB A3Sync Repository using:
  4. Download or Update Mods using Arma3Sync
  5. Run the TFAR Installer from Arma3Sync) * on first install only *
  6. Connect to the 3CB Team Speak Server:
  7. Join the 3CB Public Server

Video Guide

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