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Operational Terminology

Term Definition
Advance Offensive operation designed to gain or re-establish with the enemy
Assault Climax of an attack
Attack Employment of firepower and manoeuvre to close and destroy or capture enemy
Block Deny enemy access to a given area or to prevent advance in a given area
Breach Create a lane through a minefield or clear a route through a barrier or fortification
Bypass Manoeuvre around an obstacle, position or enemy force
Capture To gain position or terrain
Clear To clear terrain of enemy direct fire and keep clear until handed over to another unit/formation
Coerce To persuade or restrain by force or the threat of force
Contain Stop, hold or surround enemy forces
Counter Attack Attack by part or all of a defending force regaining ground lost or cutting off or destroying enemy advance units
Deceive Mislead the enemy by manipulation, distortion or falsification
Defeat To diminish the effectiveness of the enemy
Defend To defeat or deter a threat to provide circumstances for an offensive action
Degrade Reduce by an appreciable amount
Delay Operation in which a force under pressure trades space for time
Deliver To set free
Demonstrate Attack or show force on a front where a decision is not sought
Deny To prevent access through direct or indirect action
Deploy Move forces within areas of operation
Destabilise Render unstable
Destroy To kill or so damage an enemy force that it is rendered useless
Detain Capture and hold a person temporarily including the right to search
Deter Dissuade through action or the threat of action
Develop To advance capability and competence
Disengage Break of engagement in preparation for eventual withdrawal
Dislocate To deny the ability to deny strength
Disrupt To interrupt and cause disorder to an organisation and tempo
Empower Promote confidence or authority in
Enable Provide the means or authority to make possible
Envelop Pass around or over the enemy’s principle defensive positions
Escort Accompany and protect
Exploit Take full advantage of success in battle and follow up initial gain
Extract Recover reconnaissance, stay-behind or encircled forces
Feint Distract the enemy through seeking contact but avoiding decisive engagement by the bulk of own forces
Find Find, locate and identify assets
Fix To deny the enemy his goals, to distract him and thus deprive him of freedom of action
Guard To protect a force by fighting to gain time, while also observing and reporting information
Hand-Over Pass responsibility for the conduct of combat
Harass Fire designed to disturb the rest of enemy troops, to curtail movements and, by threat of losses lower morale
Hold To maintain or retain possession of force, of a position or area
Identify Determine by any act or means the friendly or hostile nature of a detected person, object or phenomenon
Infiltrate Move as individuals or small groups over, through or around enemy positions without detection
Influence To persuade – usually covertly
Inform Tell
Intercept Search for and listen to and/or record communications and/or electronic transmission
Interdict Divert, disrupt, delay or destroy the enemy’s military potential before it can be used effectively against friendly forces
Isolate To seal off and deny freedom of movement and/or isolation
Liaise Maintain contact or intercommunications between elements of military forces
Link-up Establishment of contact between 2 or more friendly units or formations
Maintain Take supply and repair action to keep a force in condition to carry out a mission
Manipulate Manage to advantage (person or situation)
Manoeuvre Employ forces on the battlefield (using) movement in combination with fire or fire potential to achieve a position of advantage in respect to the enemy
Mask Fire to obscure enemy observation
Mentor Develop capacity through example and/or advice through planning and preparation, execution and lessons captured/AAR phases
Neutralise To render ineffective or unusable
Occupy Move into and proper organisation of an area to be used as a battle position
Organise Give orderly structure to
Overthrow Remove forcibly from power
Passage of lines Move forward or rearward through another force’s combat positions
Permit Give permission or consent
Persuade Convince
Prevent Monitor/ID causes of conflict and act to prevent occurrence, escalation or resumption of hostiles
Protect Keep safe
Pursue Catch or cut off a hostile force attempting to escape, with the aim of destroying it
Reassure Restore confidence of dispel fear
Reconstitute Expand the force structures and the infra-structure beyond existing levels
Reduce Make smaller/less
Rehabilitate Process during which units recondition equipment and are rested, furnished special facilities, filled up with replacements issued replacements supplies and equipment, given training
Reinforce Supplement in place forces
Relieve Replace all or part of a unit in an area
Re-supply Maintain required levels of supply
Retire To move away from the enemy when out of contact
Screen Observe, identify and report
Secure To gain possession of by direct or indirect means and to seek to retain
Seize To gain possession of through direct or indirect action
Stabilise Make stable
Strike Inflict damage on, seize or destroy an objective
Support Encourage and help
Suppress Fire to inhibit the enemy’s ability to acquire and attack friendly targets
Sustain Maintain the necessary levels of combat power
Target To make the object of an operation
Undermine Weaken covertly
Withdraw Disengage from the enemy when in contact with the enemy
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