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Radio Comms Structure


Frequencies and who should be on them

This section need completing
31.?  - Section Level - Members of that section only.
31    - Troop Level - Command elements only.
40    - Air Assets - Air Assets only.
41    - FAC/Section Liaison - FAC and the nominated radio operator being used to contact the FAC from any given section.
55    - SIGINT - Zeus and The highest command element in the mission, e.g 1-0 or 0-A only.


Callsign's for air assets are usually standardised as follows, for more information visit this thread

Transport helicopters (e.g. Merlin, Chinook, unarmed Wildcat) - Vortex
Light CAS (e.g. armed Wildcat) - Talon
Heavy CAS (e.g. Apache) - Ugly
Fixed Wing - Reaper

These callsign's will usually be followed by a number, and read as “callsign ? - ?”

Talon 6-1
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