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How to Apply

This page provides information on becoming a member of 3 Commando Brigade. Becoming a member is required to play in our Private operations but anyone can play on the Public server.

IMPORTANT Before you apply it is important you make sure that 3 Commando Brigade is the right unit for you. Therefore, you must read a little bit about what sort of unit we are and also join us on our Teamspeak & game server. This is so you can get to know some of our members (and make yourself known) before applying.

The more known you make yourself to the group, the greater the chance of your application being accepted once you do decide to apply.

The Recruitment Process - From Application to Marine

  1. First, join us on the Public Server. Get to know us and decide whether you’d like to be part of 3CB (There is no rush, take your time).
  2. Submit an application.
  3. A Recruitment Manager will review your application and decide whether you fit the criteria to join 3CB.
  4. 3CB members will then be notified of your application and have up to 2 weeks to recommend you. You require 4 recommendations from 3CB members to progress. (This is why it’s important to get yourself known, prior to submitting an application).
  5. You start your 8 week probation period as a Recruit, only when you have sufficient recommendations.
  6. You will then receive:
    1. Teamspeak access to ‘Private Area’
    2. 3CB members-only forum access
    3. A PM detailing your training requirements.
  7. You are required to complete Stage 1 Basic Training (taught course) and Stage 2 Basic Training (in-mission mentor scheme) within the first 4 weeks of your probation period (Check the schedule on our website for the times of Stage 1 training).
  8. You can attend any 3CB private operation, as a Recruit, only when you have completed Stage 1 and Stage 2 training (Ensure that you’re on Teamspeak at least 25 minutes before the start of the operation, so that you can be assigned a slot and assisted if you encounter any technical issues. Please note, if you are late, we can not guarantee a member will be available to assist you).
  9. Between weeks 4 and 8 of your probation period, the NCOs and COs will be assessing you. They’re looking primarily for maturity, a positive attitude and good teamwork. Skill is less important.
  10. At the end of your probation period, the Recruitment Managers, SNCOs and COs, will review your application, resulting in either:
    1. Promote to Marine
    2. 4 week extension to the probation period
    3. 4 week extension to the probation period, with further training required
    4. Application denied

Applications can be submitted here

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